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There are many IT service offerings available to you. However, the question still remains: are you ready to up your company’s tech game from a fix-it-when-it-breaks crisis IT response to a proactively managed IT strategy?

You definitely are if you’re dreading the following:

  • Mondays. Why does tech always seem to break on a Monday?
    Star Wars. You really can’t take another “may the force be with you” whenever your computer breaks. Even Yoda can’t revive this worthless piece of crap. Especially since you’ve already introduced it to your Thor-worthy sledgehammer…
  • Major OS Updates. Why do they always seem to take six hours and launch promptly at 8 am while you’re making your coffee on a Monday (argh, freakin’ Mondays already?) AND then, why does your computer always seem to have a concussion afterward…? Three hours of working from your smartphone and six hours later…bring on the donuts cuz there’s gonna be some stress eating happening.
  • Deep breathing in close proximity. Don’t the IT support folks know that you can hear them breathing into the phone like a Metallica concert you attended in your 20s????
  • Calling for tech help after 5 pm. It’s the same refrain. You’ve only heard it 10,000,000,000,000 times already. “Yes, I know you’re going to cost me my first born for after-hours ‘IT service offerings.’ Go ahead, take all my kids, just fix my damn computer already.” At this rate, you already know they’ll be out of business by the time your debt is due.
  • The name Eric. That’s not your name. It has never been your name. You’ve told them it’s not your name multiple times. Why can’t they remember your name? (It’s not like it’s on all the check payments. But really, it is literally on all the check payments.)

The bad news: yes, what you’re experiencing with some IT service offerings providers is real. The good news: you have options. 

We, too, have crossed paths with these types of IT provider folks. Yet, we were able to learn to love Mondays and Star Wars again (ok, maybe not love exactly, more like cringe less).

Companies that provide their service offerings in this fashion are a dime a dozen and true to form, the extent of their commitment to you ends at 5 pm on the nose. 

It’s like they say, “here’s an apple. Oh, you wanted apple pie? Really, darn cuz you know, it’s like 5:01 pm and my Dungeons and Dragons group meets in minus four hours…and I have to prepare (get the Doritos, get the cokes, make a playlist, grab my firedragon wings, and retrieve my two ferrets from the kennel)

“Though I could maybe stay longer if you put more quarters in the machine…” 

They’re basically why the word “annoying” was invented (and why you’re now stomping on your keyboard…)

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So, what are the basic service offerings you can expect from an IT support company?

  1. They must be able to fix your computer and other tech issues when you need to use it like it’s the Indy 500 and you’re in a heated race to the finish. If they can’t pit crew for you, they’re not worth the money.
  2. They explain how tech works using everyday, real people words. When they drop a new word, they explain what that word means because they love working in tech and solving problems, not because it fills the time until it’s time to go home.
  3. They care about helping you meet your tech and company growth goals. They must understand that great technology works hand in hand with great growth. 

However, a true tech partner does more than just provide service offerings. They aid you in attaining your goals and creating more wealth. 

They give you the apple pie you originally asked for, not just a bucket full of apples with a note that reads, “peeler not included.” 

At least, that’s the perspective we take. We’re not satisfied until all your apples have been transformed into gorgeous puffs of exquisite pastry by French chefs trained in Paris. These are the Queen’s French pastries we’re talking about here. 

What we’re saying is we love technology, like the Queen loves her French pastries, her tiny dogs, those wicked librarian crew neck sweaters and more than likely, the fuzzy black hats the guards wear. (By the Queen’s standards, England is obviously the pleasure capital of the world…)

Our point is this: technology is awesome but you’ll need a true tech partner to keep it awesome. 

That’s where we come in, even after 5 pm. 

Our service offerings are all that and more. 

We offer:

So, if you’re looking for more than your standard fare of subpar IT service offerings, call us or fill out the form above. We’re here 24/7.

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