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“Prompt response GREATLY appreciated! Very quick action taken to rectify situation. Thank you VERY much!”

Richard Margolin

Chief Technology Officer and Founder of RoboKind

How Can Outsourced IT Support Technology Professionals?

It’s tough managing a business’ entire IT infrastructure.
Let’s make it a little easier.

Using technology to drive business goals is what you do best. But between putting out day-to-day fires, worrying about security issues, coordinating needs and goals with your executives, and finding + training new IT staff, it’s often hard to keep up with the changing technology landscape.

You want to focus on high-level tasks that bring revenue and stability to the company, and allow you to utilize your valuable knowledge. We can help remove the need for you and your team to perform routine or maintenance work, assist with IT decisions, create a technology roadmap, help drive towards business goals, boost security, complete projects, and alleviate hiring needs.

Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly

Technology Consultant

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“I have been in Technology since March of 1975. I have worked with many different companies. Techvera goes above and beyond to accommodate your needs, whether it be day or night. They are an outstanding company that keeps pace with this fast changing industry. I work hand in hand everyday with their staff. Great company.”

Mike Wiginton

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