Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protect your business from the unexpected.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery Shield

Protect. Secure. Outlast.

When you build a business, you create a lot of data, and all of this data becomes your business. It says everything about who you are, what you’ve done, and what you plan to do. However, if you lose your data, your business will suffer and may not survive. Backup & Disaster Recovery from Techvera will guarantee this fate never befalls your business. We’ll keep your data safe and your business alive.


service-bullet-arrowProtect your ability to continue doing business despite technology issues

service-bullet-arrowNever worry about technology failing at a critical moment or losing your data

service-bullet-arrowEliminate fear that a disaster or cyberattack will keep you from doing new business or providing for your customers

service-bullet-arrowBe able to guarantee that YOUR services will never fail for customers


service-bullet-arrowMultiple-redundancy data backup and storage

service-bullet-arrowCyber security and protection

service-bullet-arrow24/7 disaster, IT, and data-loss support

service-bullet-arrowComprehensive disaster prevention, recovery, and continuity plan

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